The blending of the Raspberry Pi with old and new music systems resulting in extreme cases of function and beauty..

About Andrew M..

Andrew MallettAndy is a music enthusiast (mostly digital) who likes to nob around with old hi-fi systems. He has a background in health, information technology and teaching and loves to dilly dally with computers and amps and make them talk to each other.

A 'nix afficionado for many years, he has been dabbling with the Raspberry Pi since finding a Tupperware container full of the stuff at the local market. The box included three Pi 1 models, USB3 and gigabit hubs and a bluetooth dongle, all for AU$25. Not bad.

Since then a Pi ZeroW and a couple of Pi IIIs have been added to the collection and several old motherboards and stray guttersnipes thrown out to make space. Time is currently spent developing a decent music listening room with the cunning use of velvet curtains and nifty rugs. Can't make it too sexy though or people might get the wrong idea.

Latest plans include lobbing a few Pis into old hi-fi cases to get decent sound on modern technology, together with those increasingly sought-after classic retro looks. This website has been developed to share experiences and ideas with like-minded individuals and contributions are welcomed.

Andy lives in Tasmania, Australia. The cat's name is Diablo..


Unix and Linux custom shell scripts at Shell-Scripts.com Windows, Nix, Pi, Networking at TheSystemMaster.com