The blending of the Raspberry Pi with old and new music systems resulting in extreme cases of function and beauty..

Hans Beekhuyzen

Tech: The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel..

Hans Beekhuyzen is a Dutch tech journalist who wrote for the well-respected but discontiued Dutch magazine Vi-fi. With many years' experience in selling hi-hi and recording equipment, Hans wrote for a large number of hi-fi related magazines. Read more about Hans at The Hans Beekhuyzen Project.

Hans expounds on on some of the technical aspects of getting the best sound out of the RasPi..

An introduction to Raspberry Pi hi-fi

RuneAudio on Raspberry Pi and HifiBerry Digi+ PART 1

Volumio for Raspberry Pi version 2

HiFiBerry Digi+ Part 1

HiFiBerry Digi+ Part 2

HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro for Raspberry Pi

Allo DigiOne SPDIF board for Raspberry Pi

Audiophonics DAC I SABRE V3 0 for Raspberry Pi

Mamboberry DAC for Raspberry Pi

Audiophonics RaspDIGI LTE HIFI Streamer/DigiPi+ SPDIF interface

Power Supplies 2: 3 PSU's for Raspberry Pi and HiFiBerry DAC+

Catch more of Hans' informative articles relating to various aspects of Hi-fi and audio engineering on his YouTube Channel.