The blending of the Raspberry Pi with old and new music systems resulting in extreme cases of function and beauty..

Project: Pi Samba Music Server in TV recorder box

Music ServerI've been running a FreeBSD-based media server for some years now. It sits in a corner of the server room and streams music around my home LAN. It turns itself off at night and can be woken via WoL from any device, including Android phones.

The opportune purchase of a stuffed TV hard drive recorder for ten dollars at Andy's Salvage ("I think it's just an old set top box..") endowed me with a spare 500GB hard drive and a nifty slimline case to house the Raspberry Pi project. Good start..

Note that I'm not trying to build a superfast cloud or other kind of speedy backup file server. Neither am I wanting to play the files on the box itself. Even though I'm using a Raspberry Pi III - which is almost the equivalent of my big-ass Unix box - the I/O limitations of USB2 as a hard disk interface are acknowledged.

However as a multimedia streamer - music tracks and videos - I know the Pi is more than up to the job, as long as you use network cable rather than attempting this through wireless. On my 10/100 network it streams to other devices faultlessly. Files are remotely accessed on the system through mapped drives, using Samba.

The original TV recorder box..

Music Server

Music Server

After gutting the box of its erstwhile tech, a little scorch mark underside the power board and slight scarring of the metal case hinted at its previous demise and discard. At 370 x 260 x 60 the case is possibly slightly larger than necessary. Although looking at other projects with all their (designed for outside) cables stuffed inside, it'll probably turn out well, with a bit of room for air circulation.

The project has two main aspects: the software (already taken care of) and the crafting of a reborn and-nifty-looking case.

The software..

I'm using a 32GB Sandisk Ultra MicroSD card running Raspbian Stretch Lite in headless mode with SSH. I'm sharing a directory on the installed 500GB 2.5" hard disk using Samba - which I will document specifically for the RaspberryPi install soon.

The hardware..

Apart from the hard disk and the Pi3 itself, there's not much inside the box as yet. I have configured a shutdown switch using an old computer reset button and added a power LED.

More soon..

- AndyM